How toxic are your cleaning products?

I'm sure you are like most people and most households.  You are familiar with certain brands of cleaning products, your mother used them everyday, the logo and colors of the brand sat under your kitchen sink, and it became a part of your life.  So here it is now, and you are using the same products and same name brands that we have found some level of comfort with.  We all expect them to do the same thing......Clean.

While the chemicals in cleaners foam, bleach, and disinfect to make our dishes, bathtubs and countertops gleaming and germ-free, many also contribute to indoor air pollution, are poisonous if ingested, and can be harmful if inhaled or touched. In fact, some cleaners are among the most toxic products found in the home. In 2000, cleaning products were responsible for nearly 10% of all toxic exposures reported to U.S. Poison Control Centers, accounting for 206,636 calls. Of these, 120,434 exposures involved children under six, who can swallow or spill cleaners stored or left open inside the home.

Cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazard they pose. Some cause acute, or immediate, hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic, or long-term, effects such as cancer.

Let's also talk about what they do to our environment:

After bubbly cleaning liquids disappear down our drains, they are treated along with sewage and other waste water at municipal treatment plants, then discharged into nearby waterways. Most ingredients in chemical cleaners break down into harmless substances during treatment or soon afterward. Others, however, do not, threatening water quality or fish and other wildlife. In a May 2002 study of contaminants in stream water samples across the country, the U.S. Geological Survey found persistent detergent metabolites in 69% of streams tested. Sixty-six percent contained disinfectants.


A few safe, simple ingredients like soap, water, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and borax, aided by a little elbow grease and a coarse sponge for scrubbing, can take care of most household cleaning needs. And they can save you lots of money wasted on unnecessary, specialized cleaners!

We, at Nature Maid Cleaning Service, only use all natural cleaning products!  They are non-toxic, non harsh yet effective cleaning solutions.  We believe in creating a pet safe, child safe and employee safe environment!

We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet, but it goes much more granular than that.  We need to take care of each other.

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