Our Products

Nature Maid Cleaning Services searched far and wide, to find non-toxic yet effective cleaning products.  Our search brought us to the BioKleen line of cleaning products, based out of Washington State.

All their products are highly concentrated, plant- and mineral-based products that require less water, less packaging and less energy to ship. By manufacturing with cold water they reduce their gas reliance and output, and they've installed skylights to more naturally heat and illuminate their plant. All energy they use is then offset through purchased wind power credits and river water restoration.

Biokleen products are proudly manufactured in their on-site facility, in Vancouver, WA. They remain ever dedicated to providing local, American jobs, and to the environmental, employment and quality control standards that doing so requires.

They pioneered ultra-concentrated cleaning products as part of their founding core values, back in 1989. This technology allows them to save water in manufacturing while providing more cleaning power to you, our customers. Plus, smaller bottles means less packaging waste and shipping cost for greater savings all around.